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Day 3 – Disappointing yet credible

Only did the 1 race yesterday, and earlier than usual, meaning i had some different competition to face. Yet another pole position and my main rival didnt qualify and started 4th. Good start from me put me 2secs ahead into the 2nd lap. On the 3rd lap i brushed the wall on the last corner slightly damaging my car, meaning my rival Jarren Wong caught me easily, i didnt fight the position, no point really, and came home a credible 2nd. 

Didnt do any quali sessions so my 43.4 still stands as my Q time and my PB still.

Day 2 – Big Improvements

After yesterday’s shocking races, i spent the first part of today practicing and generally getting to the point where i felt comfortable at the track. Managed to knock 0.5secs of my quali lap (now a 43.4) and easily managed pole in the first race. No mistakes, no 1x’s, a good win with a 25+ gap to 2nd place, just what I needed after yesterday. Race #2 i started 2nd, and with a great start jumped into 1st place in the first corner.. but it didnt last. Came back into 2nd where i stayed for 75% of the race, because me and 3rd place changed places a few times, but i got the better of him.

Only did 2 races, and with a 1st and a 2nd, not too bad- Check back for tomorrow for a report on how the days action went.

Day 1 – A Woeful start

Watkins Glen was the focus of today’s driving with my new T500RS and TH8S Shifter. Qualified with a 43.9 (bit off the pace) but still managed to grab pole for my first race.. only to get rear ended at the first corner and lose 155 points of my iRating. After my shifter came I jumped into another race and started in 2nd place. Would of been a solid 2nd place but due to my inexperience with my shifter i changed down too quickly and bust the engine. Game over! Another 100 iR lost leaving me on 33xx rather than the 35xx that i started today with.

No more racing today, just going to focus on practice sessions and then Wednesday I will try a few races and see how that goes.